Kelsey + Brooks [Engagement Session]

As soon as I met with Kelsey + Brooks I knew I had to be their wedding photographer. I instantly fell in love with their story and their connection. Kelsey + I started following each other on instagram this past year prior to them getting engaged. I secretly was the one to follow her first because I thought she was the coolest, and luckily she started following me back. When I saw Brooks + her were finally engaged I was patiently waiting for the email. And let me tell you friends, that email did come and I was pretty excited about it! And now I am their wedding photographer. Creepy? Maybe? or is the power of instagram AWESOME? I think the social media world can be pretty incredible sometimes but equally as exhausting when it doesn’t work in our favour.

Kelsey + Brooks have this sweet, kind, playful and fun relationship. They have such good chemistry and made photographing them so easy. I swear it was like hanging out with two of my best friends for two hours as we trekked through the thawing stream and the quiet forest like location. I had a hard time picking just a few for this blog, so here are all my favourites! I hope you love them as much as I do! Kelsey + Brooks – I can’t WAIT to shoot your wedding in June. You two will make it so much easier to leave my fresh 2 week old newborn baby at home.



















These two picked the BEST outfits to end their session with. Their love for socks and Birkenstocks is everlasting and part of the reason I adore these two so much!




Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Monday!
– Miranda



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