A year of realization.

Blogging was definitely not on the top of my priority list this past year. I focused my time on how to keep my head above water with running a business and being a mother all while still managing my day to day life. It was my first official wedding season having a baby at home and it was a whole new ball game. I clearly didn’t know anything about managing my time until this past summer. I don’t think any minute of nap time went to waste. But thank god for my son who is a champion at napping, because thats when all your weddings and sessions were edited, emails were returned and dinners were prepped.

I really want to make a effort to blog more frequently in the new year, hopefully on a weekly basis. I have so many weddings, sessions and thoughts to share with you. 2018 was a year of realization. Many challenges, often found myself struggling, figured what I wanted and really focused on my surroundings. It was also a year of many highs and accomplishments. I don’t think anything successful comes from life without challenges and struggles. I used to think of “road blocks or valleys” as burdens, but this past year I learnt to appreciate them for what they bring and teach us. I spent the past 365 days doing a fair amount of soul searching and focusing on my surroundings and the energy I choose to surround myself with. I not only have myself but also a son and husband to look out for now. Surrounding myself with positive people and energy not only betters me, but also inspires me. I find myself feeling creative and refreshed when in all the right surroundings. Some often ask why I care so much about where my workspace is, how it is decorated or how clean my house is. This is why. My surroundings are so important for my mind and creative soul. It makes me happy and to me that is most important.

This past year I set goals for myself and surpassed a few of them but also left many unchecked. This year was all about my business. All about implementing documents, PDF’s, templates and properly structuring my business. I did something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I hired a small boutique accounting firm and it was hands down the BEST decision I’ve made for my business. I struggled for the past 5 years with how to properly run my business. I stressed and found myself spending so much valuable time doing the aspects of business I didn’t enjoy or even understand. I wanted to focus my time more on my camera and my clients and less on money and numbers. I met with my accountant over a coffee and hired her on the spot. Since finding my new accountant, I have more time for my clients and their experience. I also set out to find my style and what I was passionate about. I spent many hours tweaking, editing and finding what I wanted my photography to look like. And I’m so happy to say, I feel like I’m in a good place right now. I feel like my work represents who I am and distinctly is known to be mine. With the goals I accomplished, I have more time for my family and friends and I can spend more time doing what I love. I’m excited to conquer a list of new goals in the year to come and also tackle some of my unchecked ones from last year.

2018 brought my so many wonderful wedding couples, clients, lessons learned, friends made and memories documented. I’m thankful for everyone’s trust they put into me, the support I continue to receive and how many wonderful days I spent with my clients. It was a year of realization to find what makes me happy, doing soul searching and being who I’ve been longing to be, who I want surrounding us and who I need in my life, letting go of grudges and hurt feelings, accepting life for what it is but also only moving forward and not back.


This next year, our life is yet again going to change. We are welcoming our second child into our family in June and we are so dang excited. We will learn to adjust to another family member and find our new normal. I have had a few questions about my wedding season and how the next year will look for my business. I’m happy to announce, that not much will change. I will still continue on with my wedding season as normal, and be booking sessions. I will unfortunately not be taking as many bookings as I usually would be, but I will still try my best to accommodate as many as possible! I’m so lucky to have a wonderful support system with my husband, and our extended family who love to be present and apart of our children’s lives. Grandparents officially make the best babysitters and we are forever grateful! My clients have all been so supportive and understanding during this whole process. My husband and I are both thrilled to be welcoming another baby into our hearts and are so overwhelmed by the love we have received by everyone. So thank you so much!

(My FAV photograph from our Christmas break! First time taking Weston out skating!)

If you made it this far, you’re the best! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are having the best New Years. Crushing your resolutions and bettering yourself.




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