Braelyn’s Lifestyle Newborn Session

For those who follow along with my photography, probably have noticed the lack of newborn and young family sessions that I shoot and share. I’m so happy to announce that is changing and you will be seeing a lot more sessions like this from me in the near future. I decided to take a long break from shooting newborn sessions a few years ago. I did a few sessions but always left feeling discouraged and was not happy with the outcome of my work. I felt a part of me couldn’t relate to my clients because I had no idea what it was like to be a part. I felt like this lack of connection was was affecting my work and I was not happy with the outcome. And to be completely honest, babies terrified me. I never grew up around babies and if my friends had one, I was that awkward person who wouldn’t move an inch if I was holding them. I decided to refer all my newborn inquiries out to fellow photographers.

After having my son, I realized babies actually are not so terrifying. They are actually really cute, sleepy and cuddly. And who doesn’t love that? Lifestyle photography is my favorite. It’s so candid, raw and I love having the ability to capture love in your own home. So I have decided to venture back into lifestyle newborn photography and so far I am LOVING it. It gives me a chance to cuddle small babies again (because mine WON’T stop growing), but also challenge myself to a new style of photography. So far, I am LOVING it and I’m so excited to have a handful of newborn sessions in the next month. I will still be referring out all posed studio newborn sessions to a very talented photographer friend of mine.

So what is a “Lifestyle Newborn Session”? Well, let me tell you. Lifestyle is a type of photography that has. very limited posing and camera interaction. I will come into your home or space of your choice (to some discretion) and shoot your family in its completely raw form. Happiness, sadness, tears, laughter. Typically, we will be shooting in the nursery (if you have one), your main bedroom (depending on lighting) or your living room. The session includes a lot of holding baby, looking at baby and touching baby. Most of the time, babies are SO happy during these sessions because they are swaddled, warm and being held.

Here’s a few of my favorites from Braelyn’s newborn session from this past weekend. I’ve been SO lucky to be apart of Kendra + Jaryd’s biggest milestones. I photographed their engagement and wedding back in 2014 (click HERE to check it out), their maternity session (which I have yet to blog, opps I’m actually terrible at blogging) and now their newest addition to the Baceda family!





























Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Braelyn’s Lifestyle Newborn session. If you love these images, or know Kendra + Jaryd – leave some love below! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!


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