Nicole + Eli [Mommy + Me Session]

These Mommy + Me sessions are my new favorites to shoot, and I am a firm believer that every mother with a little one should invest in at least one of them. These sessions are raw, candid, true moments between you and your little one. Nicole + Eli were so cuddly at their session and the sun hit all the right places. I love that Nicole was brave enough to walk in the river, which made for some beautiful shots. I also appreciated it, because my swollen 8 month pregnant feet needed the cold water! Eli was such a trooper waiting out the sunset with us until 9pm.

Some of you reading this post will recognize this beautiful mama, Nicole. Nicole is not only a wonderful mama, newborn/family photographer but also my second shooter you will see with me at most of my wedding days! Without Nicole, I swear I would be lost and so exhausted. She is a true life saver! THANK YOU so much Nicole for all that you do to keep me sane on those 10+ hour wedding days! Whether it is making me meat, cheese and cracker sandwiches while driving to our next location, rounding up crazy families during portraits, mending my french onion soup addiction (only Nicole will understand this one) or carrying my heavy bag while we are in a hurry. She is always up to help with anything!















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