Nick + Alyssa’s Intimate Canmore Wedding [Mountain Wedding Photographer]

As soon as I met with Nick + Alyssa to discuss their wedding day, I knew we would easily become friends. These are two of the most genuine humans I know. Our connection has been so easy since the beginning and that’s what I love most about them. When they told me they were planning a small, intimate, mountain wedding I knew it would quickly become one of my favorites. Nick + Alyssa got married at the cutest little Villa in Canmore near the river last Friday with 12 of their closest family members and 10 of their closest friends. I had tears rolling down my face as I capture the most beautiful ceremony. The love these two share for each other is like no other. I don’t think anyone had dry eyes as they read their wedding vows to each other. It was a moment I will always remember. The words that they promised to each other forever and always were so unique and thoughtful.

The whole day was so composed and laid back. They focused on each other and not the small details that go into a wedding day. Although it was absolutely breathtaking and they even had a crepe cake with a donut bar! Nick + Alyssa gave me full reigns to be creative and make my vision come to life with their photography.  We ended up along the beautiful river bank in Canmore with their wedding party then Nick + Alyssa showed me a whimsical wonderland in the forest. Barefoot and all, Alyssa walked through the forest hand in hand with Nick.

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Alyssa had a surprise for Nick when they were introduced into their reception. She is a incredible vocalist. She sang a song for him that was so beautiful. Nick mentioned to Alyssa weeks before their wedding that she doesn’t sing for him enough. One of my favorite moments of the day. Followed by their first dance directly after!

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Hair/MUA: SimplyMe
Dress: Truvelle from Pearl + Dot
Florist: Amobrella Floral Studio
Donuts: Modern Jell Doughnuts
Crepe Cake: Courtney Thomas
Decor Rentals: Banff Rentals
Caterer: Bow Valley Catering

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  1. Beautiful pictures and it looked a memorable day for all. Congrats to nick and Alyssa!

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