Sarah + Jeff [Dalemead Wedding]

Finally! I can’t wait to share Sarah + Jeff’s rainy day wedding with you all. I met Sarah at a golf course 6 years ago. It was a summer job of mine in my senior high school year. Jeff also happened to work at the golf course, but we have known each other for years growing up in the same community. Sarah was always asking me about Jeff and would tell me how cute he was.  Jeff would always tell a mutual friend of ours how cute Sarah was and wanted to ask her out. Now they are married! I love their love story.

We experienced so many elements last Saturday with rain, wind, hail and sunshine. I can honestly say I have never photographed in rain stronger than that, but these two were troopers and made the most of it. Thank god for umbrellas + rain boots! Their reception tent flooded but they danced on the lawn outside once the sun came out and partied in the straw. They didn’t let any challenges effect their day together. I admire both your attitudes and positive outlook on life.  Rain on your wedding day is good luck but you two don’t even need it! You got this whole marriage thing down. Their wedding was full of so much DIY cuteness with homemade favours, decorations + signs! I loved everything about it.

 Thank you both for allowing me to be apart of your day. It really was perfect!

1. Getting Ready-012

1. Getting Ready-068

1. Getting Ready-027

1. Getting Ready-066

1. Getting Ready-014

1. Getting Ready-083

1. Getting Ready-102

2. Ceremony-198

5. Reception-335

5. Reception-333

2. Ceremony-240

2. Ceremony-250

2. Ceremony-274

2. Ceremony-268

2. Ceremony-310

4. Wedding Party-598

4. Wedding Party-590

4. Wedding Party-604

4. Wedding Party-622

4. Wedding Party-730

4. Wedding Party-692

4. Wedding Party-710

4. Wedding Party-714

4. Wedding Party-702

4. Wedding Party-717

4. Wedding Party-697

4. Wedding Party-624

4. Wedding Party-658

4. Wedding Party-732

4. Wedding Party-756

4. Wedding Party-804

4. Wedding Party-836

4. Wedding Party-791

4. Wedding Party-788

4. Wedding Party-772

4. Wedding Party-786

4. Wedding Party-792

5. Reception-341

5. Reception-377

5. Reception-345

5. Reception-351

5. Reception-376

5. Reception-376

5. Reception-363

5. Reception-361

5. Reception-369

5. Reception-367

4. Wedding Party-842

5. Reception-566

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