Kananaskis Engagement Photographer – Kyle + Jenny

When Kyle + Jenny asked me to photograph their engagement, I’m not going to lie I secretly wanted to say no only because I was scared of the insane places they would take me. These two are the most adventurous, wild hearted, carefree with no fear in the world kind of people. Those who know me, know that I have a comfort zone that I love to live in, and rarely love to step out of. So instead of saying no, I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and agree. Upon agreeing, I figured I would be talked into climbing a mountain, trekking through a glacier or mountain biking down a crazy hill.  I didn’t ask any questions, because that would obviously make me rethink my decision. I decided to keep an open mind! When I found out Sunday morning we were taking a drive to the mountains, I wasn’t sure what I would be in for  but I trusted them entirely. I met Kyle + Jenny at their home in Calgary to carpool out.
As we get in the vehicle, Kyle says to Jenny: “Did you get the stuff?”
I’m thinking: “Okay, what the heck kind of stuff are they  talking about?”
Jenny runs out of the vehicle and comes back with a can of some sort of spray.
I don’t think anything of it. Whatever. Mountain people things, obviously.

We head west and arrive at our location.  We start our hike and Kyle mentioned the sign to my right which reads “Grizzly Bear Habitat” Awesome. You can probably gather how thrilled I was to read this. It clues in to me what stuff they were talking about in the can. Bear Spray. Not only am I am really big chicken, I’m also really really scared of things that could potentially eat you. Common seriously, I’m only on week three of learning to run. I’m definitely not prepared for this, just yet!

Safe to say, I didn’t get eaten by any grizzly bears, I didn’t climb any mountains (as K&J say, I secretly think I did for how sore my legs were after), I didn’t trek through any glaciers or bike down any hills.  And believe it or not, I’m actually still alive. Just a simple, easy hike as Kyle and Jenny would call it (insert eye roll here). I actually had the BEST time. Sometimes I need to push myself out of my comfort zone to realize that living on the edge (literally) is sometimes really fun. Plus, I got to take some of my favorite series of images EVER!

















Thank you Kyle + Jenny for bringing me to this unreal location and challenging me! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding, which I’m sure will be a whole other adventure!

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