MWP’s New Office Space

Ever since we became home owners in July, I have been eying up one of our main floor bedrooms to remodel into a office space. Before, I just had a desk in our basement that was dark, cold and not inspiring.  I had to drag myself downstairs to get work done. Now I have a bright, beautiful, inspiring room that I love to spend time in. Here are a few sneak peaks into my new office space that I am totally in love with! As you will be able to tell, I am obsessed with mint, owls, polka dots and cameras.










Check out my new business cards that my dear friend Janna with JRAE Designs whipped up for me? I love them so much! Janna is an unreal graphic designer, who happens to be one of my brides for 2016 as well!


How awesome is this chair I found at Structube? Eventually I have a little DIY project I want to take on with the wooden legs!



And of course, what is an office without a little Kate Spade in it?


Thank-You so much for visiting my new office space!


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