You are enough.

I know everyone stumbles upon struggles in life. Some more than others. Mine is the  constant struggle of always wondering if I am enough and I seem to be stumbling upon that quite often lately. Am I successful enough? Am I good enough? Do I have enough talent? I’ve always struggled with self doubt and second guessing myself. Tonight I sat down and reviewed every single edited image I took in 2015; weddings, engagements, maternity, newborn and family sessions. I am entering 50 of my BEST images into a photography contest that takes place every February. There photographers that enter this contest are some of the most talented photographers, ever. Looking at some of the submissions I came across literally took my breath away. How can these people be so incredibly talented. I started comparing my images to theirs. Wondering why can’t I be that good? Why don’t my images turn out that way? How did you get that bride and groom to the top of that mountain at the perfect timing for sunset? How did you get that family with 4 kids to laugh and act silly while capturing a frame as great as that? How did you get that newborn baby to stop crying? How did you luck out to be in that place, at that time?

Often times, us as humans compare ourselves to others without knowing anything about these people or the story behind them. I sat at my desk tonight, feeling sad and overwhelmed. Wondering what I was doing wrong and why its taking me so long to get where I want to be. Thoughts of quitting were going through my head. As I was struggling to scroll through all these images taken by these crazy talented photographers, I decided I needed to close my computer screen. I poured a cup of tea and cureld up beside the fireplace. Thinking to myself, why am I so hard on myself? Why do we let ourselves get to the point of wanting to quit and give up. I am not a weak person.  I have come this far, I have overcome many hurdles over the past 23 years, so why would I want to loose that all now? I have so many amazing clients I get to work with each week, why would they be booking me if I am not good enough.

I often forget that these people who have succeed in life, have failed many times. They have hit rock bottom and have wanted to quit. But they didn’t. They got right back up and kept fighting. Remember, it’s okay to fall down, just remember to get back up. Over the next coming weeks, I will keep reminding myself that I am good enough and that I will make it. Looking back on how far I have come, not how far I have to go. If you are like me, and often struggle with this; just remember.


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