My two year journey so far..

In case nobody told you today, you are good enough.

Everyone has those days when you question if you will ever be good enough or if you will ever be able to succeed. Everyone has those times where you think the easy way is the best way, those days where you feel like giving up. Well don’t. Because I’m so glad I didn’t. I began my photography journey about 2 years ago, May. I had no plans of making this a business. I was just a girl with a camera who wanted to create art and capture memories. I didn’t want it to become a career. I just wanted it to be a passion. Word got around through my work that I was interested in photography. Which lead to photographing a maternity session then an engagement session and then a newborn session. People actually seemed interested in my work, so I kept going. I was trying new things, meeting new people and learning so much. I starting looking at my photography as work and no longer a passion. I lost the passion due to questioning myself and my lack of confidence. I was looking back at my images and I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. I thought I should be getting better a lot faster than I was. I was getting overwhelmed and I was starting to become negative towards myself. I was constantly looking at other photographers work and getting so discouraged. Why couldn’t I be as good as them? It was never going to be good enough. I wanted to give up. Everyday I wanted to give up. It was hard. Harder than I ever imagined. I was on the verge of tears, daily. But I did it, because there’s nothing more I wanted in my life than to be successful. I changed my attitude and the way I saw my photography.

This post is both embarrassing and motivating for me. I constantly look back through old hard drives at the images I started out taking, and the images I have recently taken.  I critique the images. What I could change and what I would have done better and learn from that for the future. I didn’t pay attention to details, light or location. I can’t believe people were actually interested in my photography, but I am thankful everyday for the people who gave me a chance. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I created a couple of images from when I started out, to now. It’s so nice to see where you came from, and how far you’ve come.

The best advice I have for anyone starting out a new passion or career is never, ever, EVER give up. Fighting through the hard times takes you to places you could never imagine. Although I have a long way to go, I am constantly thinking of how far I’ve come. This journey has been a dream come true and I am so thankful for the opportunity each and every day.

_DSC2875 copy

_DSC2279 copy

_DSC9343 copy


976429_10152879474160104_1599018534_o copy

This is what happens when you have a passion that you don’t let go of. So, don’t ever let anyone’s work discourage you. Just keep being passionate, you never know how far you can come in two years.

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