Steve + Angie [Grassi Lakes Engagement Session]

One of my favorite parts of this job, is the kind hearted people I get to meet and work with everyday. When I met with Steve + Angie over coffee to discuss shooting their August wedding, I knew I had to be apart of their day. These two are amazing people and they compliment each other so well. He makes her laugh and she makes him smile. What more could you ask for in a relationship?

We emailed back and forth trying to find the perfect location for their engagement photos. They knew they wanted to be in the mountains, but weren’t exactly sure where. I opened my email a couple days before our scheduled shoot to them asking if Grassi Lakes in Canmore would work. Turquoise lakes, beautiful trees, the mountain range in the back ground. How could I say no? We jumped in the car Saturday afternoon and headed out to Canmore. Not going to lie, I always get little nervous before my shoots. Its human nature, and I feel like the day I stop getting nervous is the day I stop challenging myself. Well, in this case I think I was extra nervous. Firstly, I do NOT hike, I do NOT own hiking clothes, I don’t even know the first thing about hiking. I think the one and only time I’ve ever hiked, I was 9. I remember hating it the entire time. Climbing mountains….. like why would someone EVER want to do this? I don’t think anything has changed, I still hate hiking. But I LOVED the result at the end of that long trek up the mountain. And by long, I mean 40 minutes in tons of snow climbing up this massive hill when its cold outside (I might be exaggurating slightly…. haha). The view ones we got down into Grassi Lakes was breathtaking! Water so blue and clear. Secondly, it is always intimidating meeting and spending time with new people you don’t know very well. Theres always that thought in your head, what if this goes completely wrong and we don’t mesh? As soon as I met up with Steve + Angie, it was awesome! These two are so welcoming, friendly and easy going. Thank you both for putting up with my awful hiking skills, you two rock! I think there might be some hiking trips in the near future for me, I’m not going to lie – I had so much fun and secretly want to get better!


We took some time along the trail to stop and take some photos. Secretly I wanted a break from that loooooong hike 🙂  I can’t even begin to pick a favorite from this session, I think I love every one of them. I especially love how much thought they put into their outfits, props and photos! Steve is an avid football fan and I think he fell more in love with Angie (if that was possible) when she suggesting football jerseys and a football. Love it!


If you know Angie + Steve and love these images, be sure to leave some love below for the couple! I’m counting down the days to capture your special day for you two <3 Thank you for choosing me to be apart of this exciting time in your life.

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