Phoenix Trip 2014

Usually October/November are the slow down months for a photographer, I think this year has been the complete opposite. Ever since we returned from Phoenix in the middle of October, I have not had a minute to sit down and kick back. Between editing, meeting with photography clients, dealing with my own wedding, being sick + planning for next year – it has been crazy! I love every minute of it though. The first morning I had for myself, I decided I needed to sit down and edit/blog all my Phoenix pictures. I have assorted both iPhone + camera pictures for you to enjoy! When it’s cold and snowy outside, the best thing to do is take yourself to your own little paradise. Pool days, desert plants + sangria.

We definitely were bored in Phoenix at all! We were always on the go. We found out the Phoenix suns had a pre-season game so we got last minute tickets for that. That was my first NBA experience and considering it wasn’t even a regular season game everyone was so pumped up and the vibe going in US Airways Centre was so cool! Obviously a foam finger was a must!

When we booked our trip, we actually planned it all around going to a NFL game! That was awesome! The most fun I have ever had at a sporting event before. Although I do love Canada, the USA has some pretty cool events!

Of course, anytime we go to Phoenix we have to make a trip out to Sedona! My favorite place in the entire world. I won’t write to much about Sedona because two weeks ago I shared a pretty amazing story on our trip to Sedona. If you missed out, be sure to check out OUR PROPOSAL STORY by clicking the link. Yes, we’re engaged! Here’s some of my favourites from Sedona.

Thanks for visiting! I hope this post left you feeling warm and dreaming of your favorite warm place on this cold, snowy morning!

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