Mr + Mrs Paisley [MARRIED] DeWinton Wedding Photographer

She sat anxiously looking out the window, thinking in just minutes she would be hand in hand with the man of her dreams, the one she loves saying I DO. The music played, and she walked slowly down the aisle. The biggest smile on her face; starring at her future husband at the end of the aisle. His eyes were starting to fill with tears as he saw her with the corner of his eye. A short wedding dress that he always wanted her in, his smile bigger than I knew was possible. The love and happiness between these two is contagious. Everything from the music Philomena walked down the isle too, to the handmade paper flowers awaiting her at the alter,  to the decorations at the reception, to the custom M&M’s,  to the ring bearers (literally, keep scrolling)  – everything was though out very carefully and thoroughly to be able to express themselves to the ones they asked to share their day with.



Barry + Phils wedding was a dream come true for me. This was my first “official” wedding, a 11 hour day of capturing their love + first day of marriage together. It was everything I could have dream of and more, my dreams of being a wedding photographer grow more and more each day. Editing the images, I couldn’t stop smiling because THIS will be my job one day, how amazing. I love the thrill, I love the thought, I love the different memories, I love the raw moments + candid moments, I love the tears, the smiles, the laughs + the hugs. So many emotions thrown into one day. The feeling of being the person to tell their love story the way your own eyes see it is a feeling like no other.  It’s an art + a gift. A gift I will forever treasure and keep.






Thank you Barry + Philomena for trusting me with one of the most important days of your live, to be apart of telling your love story. Here’s to many years of health, love + happiness – you both deserve it!

Please leave some love below for the new couple Barry + Phil.  If you loved my images + want to continue seeing my updates in the future be sure to  follow me on Facebook! 

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