This crazy thing we call life..

Ever have those days where you are just so busy you don’t even have time to think? Those days where you find life is going by way to fast? Those days where you wonder where the time has gone? Those days where you wish you would have taken things a little bit slower? This past year I made a goal to live life slowly, to take time to do things I wouldn’t normally do, to write down my thoughts, to sit and enjoy nature + the small things. Well as  much as I hate to say it, I have done the exact opposite this year. I think this years quite possibly might be the busiest year of my life. I knew working 50+ hours a week for one job would be crazy but trying to add running a successful business on top of that takes busy to another level. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it + I love where life is taking me but sometimes I think it is too much. This past week, we road tripped down to Montana, I tried my very hardest to take life slowly. To sit and take it all in, to breath + enjoy the ride but also to jam pack as much fun as we could into one week. Well let me tell you, we sure did that! We had more fun that week, than we have in a long time. From the road trip down, to shopping, to pawning, to camping, to exploring glacier national park, to enjoying pizza + beer, to boating + tubing, to long nights sitting on the dock, to fire works, sunsets + so so much more.


The week was all I could ever ask for, we enjoyed every waking minute (and of course our sleep, because our days were jam packed). Being back to our daily routines, I have made a promise to myself to take life slower. Life goes fast enough as it is and heres to slowing it down for the next half of the year! I am going to enjoy waking up in the morning with energy, and be happy I am healthy enough to wake up and go to work. I will enjoy the outdoors, and spend more time on the patio, or in the garden. I will spend my evenings laughing + spending it will good people. I will cuddle my kitties every moment I can. I will watch the sunsets + go for walks in the late evening. Heres to slowing down life 🙂


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