Best friend Session { Fish Creek }

I have always been a firm believer in capturing memories, documenting life + sharing with other people. When Brittany contacted me about a photography session with her and her 4 best friends, I was thrilled. Firstly, I have never shot a best friend session before and I think they are so important. Second, I graduated with all five of these ladies, going to school with them for a number of years. I have watched each of them them grow into these amazing talented ladies that have come so far to be successful, independent + happy. There friendship is one that is contagious, makes you jealous but at the same time brings so much joy just being around their positive vibes. Being around all five of these beautiful, smart + fun ladies for the session made me realize that documenting your friendships with the ones around you is so important. Being best friends for many years, they are all parting ways this summer. All leaving on the next journey of their lives to different parts of the world, so these images are very important to them. Jean jackets, wedges, colourful balloons + lots of laughs made this session unforgettable!

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