DIY Terrarium

I have always been a person of trying new things, cute things and artsy things. Ever since last spring, I have a love for gardening. I love buying seeds, planting them and watching them grow. Except when plants grow, so do weeds… And weeding is my biggest pet peeve. I would rather scrub toilets, wash dishes or do anything in the world other than weeding. Thank goodness for my mother, right mom 😉 A couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to plant a Terrarium (for those of you who are not familiar with them, they are basically a mini garden in an inclosed jar/dish/bowl). Well, it looked beautiful and I loved it. Two weeks later, my Terrarium was over growing the dish and crowding – there was NO space! I needed to move my plants soon, or else I would not be able to get them out of there. This morning, I decided I was going to put them in an open pottery bowl. This way, you can reap the benefits of having plants in your house as well as no limitations of their growth! Below are some instructions and pictures on how I made mine. The fun thing about Terrariums are no one is alike, you can be creative and put whatever you like inside of yours!


All you need:

-3-4 plants of your choice – I picked ones that won’t grow large, or spread. Also ones that increase air quality in your house and you can reap the benefits from. I used an aloe plant, chicks and hens and a cactus. Canadian Tire had a great plant selection if you are looking to make one!

– A bag of soil

– Glass jar, bowl or pot (Indigo has CUTE hanging enclosed terrariums)

– Gardening Gloves; those cactus’s are sharp!

– A small dish to get the dirt into the small spaces inside the pot

– Rocks, pebbles or stones

What you do:

1) Fill your bowl with soil, make sure you leave enough room so that you can dig a hole for each plant. Remember you can always add more soil later. Arrange your plants in the pot whatever way you wish. Remember, some plants grow bigger than others so make sure you don’t plant them too close together!




2) Once all your plants are in the pot and arranged the way you like, pack soil around each plant to make sure it is stable and not going to move! Add additional soil if needed to cover all the roots.

3) Add rocks, pebbles or stones into the pot if you wish. I added flat rocks, to make it feel more like a desert garden 🙂

Your DIY Terrarium is complete! Simple, and looks beautiful inside your house!

I would love to see your pictures of your Terrarium’s if you have made one! Hope this helps anyone looking to make one in the near future!

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