Bishop Grandin Graduating Class of 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting 25 graduates from the 2014 class of Bishop Grandin High School. When a client asked me to shoot it for them, I instantly said yes – there was no doubt about it! Beautiful dresses, tuxedos, flowers, smiles, love, happiness + high heels. Who wouldn’t want to spend their day photographing that? Looking back on my grad day, my one regret was not hiring a photographer to capture our day through their eyes. I am passionate about capturing memories, special times, love, unseen moments, happiness and gratitude. Yesterday was everything I expected and more. Although it rained once the limo picked the grads up, we were able to head to Devonian Gardens downtown Calgary and get some beautiful shots inside. Congratulations Graduates! I hope yesterday lived up to your expectations and you took every moment of it in! I hope these pictures stay close to your heart forever, and help you remember your day in years to come. Graduation is still one of the best days I have yet to experience. The anxiousness that is with you as you plan your future, the season of new beginnings and adventure. Saying hello to new friends and goodbye to old ones. It’s one of the scariest yet most exciting times of your life! I wish you all the best of luck in the next chapter of your life, and remember whatever you choose to do – love it each and everyday!

One thought on “Bishop Grandin Graduating Class of 2014

  1. Miranda,

    We wanted to thank you again for the absolutely fantastic job you did on our pictures.

    There are so many fabulous ones to choose from. You gave us something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. These memories of Lucas’s Grad are amazing. We are truly blessed to have you as a close friend in our lives.

    Thank you again, we love you dearly.

    Love The Sobry’s.

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