An urgency to learn…

In this life, I want to learn everything. I want to try everything there is to try, even if I don’t succeed. I read because I love to learn, I go to school because I love to learn. I talk to all types of people, because I never stop learning from them. We make goals and dreams so we can never stop learning! About a month ago, Darcy & I were walking around Bass Pro Shops. He was looking at guns, and I was just kind of following him around not really paying attention. I have never been interested in guns, or have any desire to shoot them. I wondered off by myself while he was browsing. I came across the archery section in the store. I have always looked at the bows and thought they were pretty cool but never thought I would be able to do it. I went to a camp a few years back and took archery lessons but haven’t shot a bow in years! I was born with very terrible hand eye coordination and balance, yes I am basically saying I’m extremely clumsy – thanks mom… haha. I picked one up, held it. Walked around. picked up a few more. I thought to myself, this might be something pretty fun to learn. Even if it is hard, its something that I want to do. A couple weeks later, I found myself still thinking about archery. I researched different bows online, where I could take lessons and different techniques to succeed. I walked into different hunting stores over the course of the past month and always walked out without one. Well yesterday, I made a dream come true. I bought one, and brought it home last night. HOT PINK – you betcha!!!!


I spent the majority of my sunday morning outside shooting my new bow, I definitely need some practice as I hit the ground more than I hit my target (yes, a straw bale – I might have to work on upgrading my target soon). I also learned the hard way, that if you flinch while shooting the bow, that the string hurts like a mother when you let go of the arrow and it hits your forearm (I am now sporting a lovely blueish/purple bruise on my arm now)

I encourage everyone who is reading this blog post, to step out of your comfort zone and try something you have been wanting to try. Be spontaneous, crazy, adventurous and fun. I promise it is worth it, even if you fall down along the way. Each day you will continue to do better, who knows maybe you might hate it and never do it again. At least you can say you tried it. Learning is one beautiful thing about this life, you can never stop learning or learn to much!

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