These past couple of days I have been feeling… down, thats the best way to describe this feeling. Every morning when I wake up in hopes of warm weather, sun shining & melting snow. I dream of the days where I can put on a pair of Tom’s instead of winter boots, a sweater instead of a parka, jump in my jeep without warming it up… Those little things in life that we never think would make us happy but do. I am itching to go for long walks with my camera, taking pictures without frozen fingers, walk out to my garden and see my vegetables growing, flowers blossoming, birds chirping. A girl can dream, right? Winter, you were good for a few months but please give us spring now! I am so ready for my photography season to kick off, I have so much inspiration, new tips I want to try out, ideas & motivation to serve better. I am working on branding myself, my business & building relationships. This summer is going to better than ever before, I can feel it already. This one is going to be my best seller.

Life is a story, what are you doing to make your’s a best seller?

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