All my thoughts & heart talks – DARE TO DREAM

I have done a fair bit of soul searching over the past couple months. A lot of thinking and determining, discovering my place and who I am. I may not be certain about all things in this life, but I do know what I want from this life. I have the eagerness to learn, I want to read every book that I possibly can. Buy national geographic magazine I find. I want to explore the way other people see life. I want to educate myself on things I am not fortunate enough to see, incase one day that one little piece of information could have made a difference. I want travel to all the different places on this earth. Step on all types of soil and sand, speak and listen to different languages, taste all the spices and flavours, soak my feet in the warm waters and impact people I meet by sharing my story. I think educating yourself is the greatest gift that can be given to an individual. Education from a professor or classroom is valuable but I truly believe that education from experiences, reading, travelling & listening is priceless. Some people I have crossed paths with have no desire to see the world, read books and step outside of their “normal” which I understand, some people are like that – the world would be boring if everyone was the same. They have a box and they don’t go outside it, they do the same routines day in and day out, eat at the same places & travel to the same destination every year which I think is craziness. We were given this beautiful earth, why stay in one place. Look at a map and randomly put your finger on a place and go. You have a whole unwritten story that is yours to write, education that is yours to keep and experiences that are yours to teach. Dare to dream and it will  take you places that you would never imagine. Pick a book and read it. Study it. It might make your fortunate for what you have or it might make you want to experience what is happening. You can never learn too much, and see enough. Knowing what you want and how you can get it is one thing, actually doing it is another thing. I want to read, watch documentaries, talk to elders for hours and listen to stories. I feel that in itself is much more valuable than obtaining a degree and sitting in a classroom for years just for a job. A degree is important of course, don’t get me wrong. For myself, I would rather experience life from anywhere and everywhere rather that from just one place. Just dare to dream. Everyone is different, find your place in life and go with it. Be the best you can be and make a difference. Read while your at it, you will never regret a good book.


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