Looking into 2014 – Personal & Business Goals


I started out the New Year in a way I was hoping not too. I have been so busy these first few weeks of 2014 that I feel like I haven’t had time to do anything for myself, let alone breath. I always said I wouldn’t let myself get this busy because it isn’t always enjoyable to be running around left right and centre, but here I am. I will admit tonight is the first night in a long time I have time to just sit back and relax. I spent my evening enjoying some wings & pizza with my wonderful parents, than came home to make homemade banana bread… mmmm πŸ™‚ and now I am actually going to put my 2014 personal & photography goals into writing. Each year I always make a list of goals, personal & business related goals. This year I feel like I am going to be dreaming big, and have a lot of work to get done, I am so ready for the challenge though. I am going to make this year, 2014 better than any year I’ve had yet!

2014 Personal Goals:Β 

– Read more:Β read at least one book per month for twelve months. I joined a book club, so I am on route for this πŸ™‚

– Gym:Β Make time to go to the gym at least 2 times per week, regardless of how busy I am. The gym is my happy place, it takes my mind off the real world.

-Health: I want to feel good, and look good. I have a goal to lose 20lbs by 2015 – wish me luck!

– Debt: Pay back all my tuition debt back to my mother, yup my moms probably going to jump with joy when she reads this! I have slowly been doing this over the past couples years, but this years I want to be debt free!

– School: Attend at least three more classes at SAIT for my photography certificate

-Me time: spend more time doing things I love, going out to the mountains, getting massages, pamper myself, drawing & taking pictures of my personal life

-Social Media/Technology: Take more time to indulge in life, sit in a coffee shop without my phone, or my computer and people watch or meet friends. Spend evenings at home without checking facebook or my emails, and enjoy moments with the ones I love. We often spend too much time with ours heads wrapped around our cellphones to take in life. (Β Here I am, typing on my computer – okay it starts…. tomorrow? πŸ™‚Β )

2014 Business Goals:Β 

– Get 750 LIKES on my business Facebook page

– Shoot a boudoir session for a beautiful lady

Second shoot with a professional photographer and shadow how they run their business during a shoot

-Design full packages I am able to send out to clients so they can pick a package that best suits their needs

Brand myself, when people think of “Miranda Weston Photography” a certain style comes to their mind

-Book 5 sessions from Social media other than Facebook — ie. instagram, twitter, website.

– Offer printing services for my clients

-Buy a new camera body: the Nikon d610 (fingers crossed)

Here’s to hoping 2014 will be full of great memories, laughter, happiness, success & health. Like I said, I made pretty big goals for myself but I know I can do it!

What are your goals for 2014? I’d love to hear from you


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