Elbow Falls

This morning I ventured out to Elbow Falls all by myself.. My boyfriend told me numerous times that I shouldn’t go alone, that we could go on Sunday. If you know me, I am extremely impatient and when I have an idea in mind, I go and do it. Theres no waiting for this girl. So I packed up my camera bag, dressed warm and filled up a thermos full of hot tea and heading for K-Country! As the roads go icy, and my jeep was reading -15 I was starting to regret my decision, but snow covered falls would be so beautiful to take pictures of right? WRONG! I finally got to Elbow Falls and as I was walking in I saw a closed sign on the pathways and stairs…. REALLY? I just drove all the way here at its closed, I even checked before I started driving. Instead of reading the signs and just kept walking, I mean I drove all this way – I am enjoying this place no matter what. After slipping on the stairs, falling down the stairs, dropping my camera & hurting my ankle I decided it was a good idea to probably pack it in and head home. I guess thats why they closed the pathways and stairs.

Here are three of my only good frames from this morning at Elbow Falls before I packed it in.

Moral of the story : Always read the signs.

elbow falls _DSC4525 _DSC4500

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