Studio Lighting Session

Monday I had such an amazing opportunity for my photography career. A photographer that I admire and look up too who actually happens to be an family friend for many of years now contacted me saying that he has a free weekend and a studio rented if I want to go learn some studio lighting with him. I am SO glad that I went and received from pointers from a true professional. Before Monday – I knew absolutely NOTHING about studio photographer. Now I have a basic understanding but still have so far to come with it. It is so interesting and so different that the photography that I have been use to the past year. Check out Scott’s images by clicking the link! He is absolutely incredible at what he does – hopefully one day I can be as talented as he is!

Big thanks to Scott for spending the time to teach me some of his skills, and also a huge thank you to my amazing model Stacey for being so patient and such an amazing model!!!

Heres a couple of my favourites, what do you think?

_DSC3343 _DSC3495 _DSC3673 _DSC3885_1 _DSC3899_1 _DSC3928_1

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