C + D = Married!

When I met Catherine a couple weeks ago over a PSL at starbucks – I knew this day would be nothing but smiles, love, happiness & perfection. I was 100% correct, I don’t think it could have been any more perfect for these two newly weds. When Catherine asked me to shoot her wedding, I was suprised. Someone ACTUALLY wants ME to shoot their wedding. And what an amazing feeling that was!

They are energetic, funny, happy, sincere and most importantly, they are in love. When she walked out of the house and he was waiting outside by the limo waiting patiently to see his soon-to-be bride, the look on his face was filled with joy. She looked as if she fell in love all over again. This afternoon consisted of so much bling, laughter & princessness (if this isn’t a word – it is now!)





_DSC3174 _DSC3165


Congrats you two & THANK YOU for having me be a part of your special day! Best first wedding ever – so lucky it was with amazing people like you two! Wishing you two will share a lifetime of love and happiness!


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