High River Fundraiser Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago I was asked to photograph some areas of High River that were damaged by the flood. The images I took will than be used at a fundraiser that is being held in the new year. Most of you who have been following my blog since June will probably remember the post about the grad dresses for the High River grad class of 2013. They received a huge response to the grad dresses and collected over 1,000 dresses. As all the grads received dresses, there were still a mass amount of dresses left over. A group of great individuals are working together to put together a fundraiser to auction off the remaining grad dresses.  Immediately I said yes, without even thinking – of course I will volunteer some time to do what I love for a good cause. Little did I know how emotional it would be. What I saw yesterday was truly heart breaking, and 5 months after the flood the town is still in desperate need of help. Out of all the images I took yesterday, these ones really stood out to me. A condemned home, that was instantly gated up and the family was not allowed back in. All their belongings thrown around the house, the yard and on the streets. A home where the water was so strong broke the windows and a mattress was pushed out of the windows. The ground is still so wet that foundations are sinking and collapsing. So terrible & heart breaking. My heart aches for these people.

If you would be interested in coming to the fundraiser to help out those in need I will be posting more information when it is available! A full blog will be coming later this month with all the images I took yesterday. Thoughts & prayers with the town of High River – your a strong community!




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