A red barn kind of weekend & all the other stuff in between…

This whole day as been set aside for cleaning (ughhhh), editing & making desserts! I have come to a couple of conclusions…

1) I absolutely dread cleaning…. although I am some what of a clean freak, I really procrastinate when it comes to cleaning the house. There are sooo many better things I could be doing besides cleaning the bathroom, the bedroom & the kitchen, right?

2) 2 sessions down, 1 more to go! Almost done editing my shoots from this weekend and they all seem to have similar qualities – a RED barn! Guess everyone loves Fish Creek Park in the fall seasons. I can’t complain, I love it just as much! Check out a few images below.

Aren’t the Scotts such a fun family? I love when people put thought into their sessions and really know what they want!

This is Rachel & Daniel – I am just starting their family session but am loving it so far!

3) I love baking.. Hate cooking but LOVE baking anything sweet and delicious. Tonight my mom is making a huge ham dinner with the most delicious hash brown potatoes in the crockpot so I thought I could compliment it well with a dessert. I am making mason jar banana cream pies.. Trust me it is delicious as it sounds!


Also – did I mention how much I love having the day off work. 12:53 pm and I’m still hanging out in my jammies. These sort of days are always the best 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!

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