Shea & Andy [Engagement Session]

I am BEYOND excited to share these photos with all of you this evening. There is nothing about this album that DOESN’T make me smile. These are honestly two of the most genuine, loving, kind hearted and down to earth people I have ever met. People like these two are why I love my job so much, they made it so easy for me. Every time they look at each other their eyes light up, there is so much love and emotion in their relationship. There one of those couples that you look at and they make you SO happy. I get giddy even looking at the images. I truly LOVE being a photographer, I get to meet, shoot and learn with amazing people ❤ I’m glad I can call these two my new friends!

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One thought on “Shea & Andy [Engagement Session]

  1. Thank you so much for sharing with Andy and I this incredible time in our lives. You captured perfectly the joy, love and excitement we are feeling! Thank you doesn’t do our gratitude justice!!

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