New Beginnings

Ever have that feeling of complete freedom? You feel like you have no attachments and all the unhappiness is completely out of your life? Isn’t is the greatest feeling ever? That feeling of spreading your wings and going where ever life takes you.  Now that I am taking my photographer to the next level, I am working on balancing my life. I decided to put more attention on marketing and advertising myself. I am going to continue dental assisting 4 days a week but being able to focus more of my time to my photography goals and dreams. I feel this is the perfect time to make it all happen. I started thinking this afternoon where to even begin. I wrote out a list of all the things I hope to accomplish and where I see myself in 5 years. I started going through this list and making points as to how I am going to do each of them. The first thing on my list was to develop a business tag line that describes myself in one or two sentences. Seriously, I got stuck on that. When you think about yourself, there are so many things you can say because ultimately you know yourself better than anyone else, but when someone asks you to sum up yourself in one or two sentences it’s possibly the hardest questions to answer. I still can’t describe myself in a couple sentences but I came to the conclusion of this:

I live fearlessly and with no regrets after loosing my brother, he taught me that life is to short to live each day with regrets and with fear always in the back of your mind. Never make a decision and have regrets. It may be fearful but life will always work itself out. Jared gave 110% at anything he did, even if it was absolutely crazy! I want to live outside of my comfort zone.

I have drive for everything I do because of my mother. My mother has always succeeded in anything she does and will always continue to do so because she knows what she wants and she goes and gets it. Nothing holds her back. I want to give everything I do my all.

I have my motivation and confidence from my father. No matter what he does, he always thinks of a way he could have done it better. He is always working towards improving what he does. I want to give the best quality of work I possibly can and be confident about it. There is always ways to improve what your doing, even if your a professional.

If you know me and you think you can describe me in a couple sentences, I would love the input. I challenge you to think about how you would describe yourself. 🙂

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Well missy….If you are looking for a ‘catch phrase’, how about “‘Find Your Natural Beauty”…… 1) You ARE a natural photographer, everything you capture looks awesome! 2) You love taking landscape pictures (natural settings) and 3) You are so beautiful on every level, inside and out!

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