Dream big

If your going to dream, why wouldn’t you just skip the small dreams and head straight to the big ones? Tonight I took a solid hour to sit down and just think. Think about where I want to take my career and where it has already come in a few short months. Theres no better way to make dreams come true than by setting one goal at a time to lead you in the direction to make your dreams come true.

Here is a short list of MY photography goals before 2014 rolls around:

  • Get AT LEAST 200 new likes on my Facebook page ( I wish it was easier said, than done )
  • Book THREE sessions from complete strangers ( not from word of mouth )
  • Get 5,000 views on my website ( were half way there 😉 )
  • Book ONE MORE wedding for the year 2014
  • Create my own domain & customize my website to ME!
  • Shoot a couple during the harvest sunset 
  • Blog at least once a week other than it just being images.
  • Develop a “style” that stands out, thats unique, thats me!
  • Book 3 more photography courses at SAIT ( I almost have my certificate!!!!! 😀 ) 

Although some of you may look at this list and say wow, that seems really easy. It really isn’t easy, trying to start out in a society flooded with photographers – where people pick up their point and shoot cameras and think “why should I hire a photographer when I can take just as good images for free.” It’s hard, but it is what I have been wanting to do as long as I can remember. I won’t give up, I will keep going no matter how many times I fall, I will always get back up 🙂 Those are my words of wisdom for the night. Do you ever set out goals for yourself? What are they?

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