The past week in my shoes..

I feel like I have been out of touch for the past week from everything! I must admit, it was great not having a phone or internet – being out of the social media world for a week is a nice break. I encourage you to give it a try sometime! We ventured down to Idaho for the past week, Darcy’s family has been going down to Idaho since the 60’s to a dreamy spot; Riley Creek. Usually when you think camping, its almost always the same environment. This was completely different. It was the most beautiful camp ground I have ever been too, words cannot describe it. It is located in between Sandpoint, ID & Priest River, ID just off lake Pend Oreille. For those of you who have been to Idaho before, you know how stunning it is. +30 degree weather, fishing, the beach & twisted teas are a dream come true.  I had a nice little break away from work and my camera for a week, these are a few of the only images I took.

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