An afternoon at the Saskatoon Farm…

Yesterday we were invited to a friends for a birthday BBQ. We really wanted to take a pie for his birthday but we did not have enough time to put anything together in the few short hours we had. We decided to head out to the Saskatoon Farm for the afternoon to pick up a pie and to check things out. Many patients of mine always brag about how amazing the Saskatoon farm is but I have never made the point to drive out there. I can now see what all the fuss is about! It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. You are surrounded by bright colorful flowers, big green houses, fields and fields of saskatoon berries and cherries, delicious food, adorable shops and amazing scenery. I would recommend anyone to take the 15 minute drive out of Calgary to spend the afternoon there.

We didn’t pick to many berries because Darcy’s grandma has tons of saskatoon berries ready to be picked but we definitely spent some time with the cherries trees! Isn’t this place breathtaking? Anything you could possible want AND MORE in one area. Enjoy the pictures & I hope you make a trip out there one day to witness yourself how amazing it really is!

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