Pixy Cakes


DSC_3233 DSC_3212

Are you drooling yet? I know, they look amazing. They even tasted more delicious than they look!

I’m not usually a cupcake fan, they either are to sweet or the cake is too dry. But I think after eating these, I have a new favorite treat. We went to a local cake shop in Avondale called Pixy Cakes – the most ADORABLE shop I have ever been in. Hot pink walls, black and white accessories, chalk boards, candy bars – everything a girl could dream of. I wish I had my camera so I could snap a couple pictures inside the shop! Over 20 different types of cupcakes to choose from; pink lemonade to kahlua to plain chocolate or vanilla. Darcy picked the chocolate cupcake with milk chocolate mousse icing – honestly the best icing I have tasted! I went with the strawberry shortcake cupcake with strawberry white chocolate icing. If you live in the Phoenix area, GO NOW!



I think Calgary needs more cake shops like these. I have yet to find one other than Crave Cupcakes. If you have a favorite cupcake shop in the area, please let me know! Hope you enjoyed the photos, and I hope I inspired you to go spoil yourself to your favorite treat. You deserve it!  – Miranda

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