Roadtrip to Phoenix, AZ

After driving through 2 countries, 4 states, a total of 25 hours of driving – 29 in a vehicle, 2,628km, a “short” 260km detour and 4 hours of sleep, we are happy to say we arrived safe in Phoenix and we still had smiles on our faces.


We left on Tuesday evening to drive to Arizona, I have never done the drive before but Darcy has done it many times…. I knew it was going to be a long trip when we had to stop in Lethbridge so D could take an hour nap on the side of the highway. For you not familiar with Alberta, Lethbridge is only 2 hours into our 25 hour roadtrip (yup, I know what you’re thinking). We hit Montana at about 9pm that night, stopped at the nearest gas station for some junk food than continued on our way. I don’t think I have ever seen anything as beautiful as a Montana sunset. I think I took about 200 pictures JUST of the sunset while we were driving.


We made it to Dillon, Montana (8 hours into Montana) till Darcy decided he needed some sleep. Pulled the truck over into a rest stop so he could catch some zzz’s. Not going to lie, I think I slept a little more than he did. I woke up on Wednesdays morning driving through Idaho. Driving past hundreds of potato fields, I really wanted to stop and take some pictures but most of you who know Darcy know that once he gets behind the wheel, he doesn’t stop until we are to our destination. I think my favorite part of the whole drive was through southern Utah. It was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me a lot like Arizona. The red rock everywhere and the desert look. A place that is on my bucket list to go see is Bryce Canyon. As we were driving, I didn’t know the route we were taking as none of these places really mean anything to me, I have never been to these parts of the states before. I saw the sign for Bryce Canyon and I’m pretty sure I started screaming and begging Darcy to take me there. If you have never heard of Bryce Canyon – GOOGLE IT! You will instantly fall in love, like I did. We are going to leave Arizona a couple days earlier than planned and stop here on our way home. I am looking forward to the stop. From Utah there is a couple ways into Arizona. You can either take the I15 , the 89A or the 89. After debating which way to go we decided to take the 89 which was a totally uneducated decision. 30km into the road we see a sign that says “Detour again” SERIOUSLY! We have been driving for 20 hours now and are completely exhausted and irritated. Not thinking anything of it because most detours are about 10 minutes or so we decided to keep driving. 260km later we are finally back on the road we wanted to be on. SERIOUSLY? Just what you need when you have been in a vehicle for what seems to be a decade.


When we hit that Arizona boarder we were both smiling. Though we knew we still had a good 5 hours left of driving, we knew we were somewhat close to where we wanted to be! As soon as we got into Arizona, our moods changed a little bit. We both started smiling, became a bit more positive and a little more relaxed. I don’t know what it is about Arizona but I can’t get enough of it. Darcy and I were talking and we have come every summer since we started dating, plus times in between. Everytime we have so much fun, and always find new things to do. It is such a beautiful place. How can you not love a place that looks like this?

watermark desert

5 hours later, we were on the I10 and pulling off onto Avondale  Boulevard both excited to start our much deserved holidays together. Getting out of the truck, you know your in Arizona. That dry heat instantly hitting your skin. 43 degrees and I still love being in it! Check out below to see what we have been doing on our first couple days here!





DSC_2821 DSC_2813

Stay posted to see more from our trip here in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks for visiting the blog <3

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