Grad Dress Donations for the High River Grad Class of 2013

The other night I was browsing Facebook trying to find a group where I could volunteer my time  and try to help those in need in Alberta right now. I’m sure everyone has seen the news about the mass flooding happening in Southern Alberta. So many beautiful areas have now been destroyed by the mass amounts of water sitting in the towns, houses and land in Alberta. Many people have been left without homes, belongings and closure from what happened.

I saw a post from a lady in Nanton who is collecting grad dresses for all the girls who lost theirs in the floods. This didn’t even occur to me that was something in need at this time. My biggest concern was where all these people going to live, where are they going to get food, and how are they going to deal with all this devastation. Although that is very important thing right now, it is also important that these soon to be graduates get a celebration of the last 12 years of their lives. We work so hard in those 12 years to ensure this day happens and want it to be as memorable as possible. I decided that this is where I wanted to volunteer my time. I wanted to ensure these young ladies have dresses to wear on one of the most special days of their lives. Grad dresses are not cheap these days, most are over $500. So by donating these dresses, that is one less thing their families have to worry about. Every young girl deserves to be dazzled in a beautiful dress, I know as a teenager I looked forward to graduating more than anything. I made a facebook status and couldn’t believe how many people wanted to donate their dresses. It was amazing to see how many people wanted to help out. Unfortunately I was only able to donate a certain amount of dresses due to the amount of donations that have already been made from other communities. I gathered 16 dresses from friends, family and old classmates. I couldn’t believe this, it is absolutely amazing. I wish I could have taken everyones dresses who contacted me, but unfortunately they had enough already.

If you are still looking to donate your dress, please check out the YYC grad dress donation facebook page here:

I believe they are still accepting dresses and they have a complete list of drop off locations. Thank you everyone who got me their dresses and thank you for willing to donate them. The small deed goes a long way for people in need.


DSC_2387 copy



DSC_2396 DSC_2390


I know everyone has busy lives, but think about how much thousands of people lost this week, and think about what you can do for somebody else. It can be as small as a $5 donation, a grad dress or even an hour of volunteer work. Every bit counts.




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