Kristina & Cody | Fernie Wedding

This past weekend was one for the books. Kristina & Cody got married in Fernie BC, Canada on June 22,13 at an amazing church with an amazing back drop behind us! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding for a couple. I was honoured when Kristina asked me to stand beside her on her wedding day to be a bridesmaid! I am so happy I was able to be there every minute for her and Cody.  Under all the crazy circumstances that have been happening with the weather and alberta floods, the wedding was more than a success!! Although some people couldn’t make it, Kristina & Cody made the best out of it and enjoyed their day to their fullest. Kris and cody are amazing wedding planners with such unique details put into the day, probably one of the best weddings I’ve ever been too!! The wedding party was great, everyone had a blast and clicked so well. We shared lots of drinks, tears and laughter throughout the past weekend and I am looking forward to watching Kris and Cody grow old together and watch their journey of life.

 It was hard carrying my camera around while being a bridesmaid with a bouquet of flowers so unfortunately the only photos I have are from the classic iPhone… Check out how beautiful the bride looked on her wedding day. She wore two dresses;  one for the church that was actually her mothers and than a gorgeous Vera Wang gown for her reception.

IMG_8400  IMG_8385

IMG_8405   IMG_8406

IMG_8411 IMG_8412

IMG_8413 IMG_8417

 IMG_8376  IMG_8419

IMG_8427 IMG_8428


                               IMG_8408 IMG_8383

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