My bestfriend

Have you ever been so excited for something you just want the time to FLY?! Or you have been counting down the days till that day finally comes? This is exactly how I feel right now. Next weekend couldn’t come soon enough. A weekend away is sounding more than amazing right now. Some of you may be wondering what next weekend is about?
WELL….. My best friend is getting hitched! 
I met Miss Kristina Lavallee when we were both attending Columbia College for post secondary schooling. Both working towards our certificate in Dental Assisting. A week before our program started we had a full day of orientation. I walked into class and sat beside this girl who LOVED to chat it up… Who know that in such a short time frame, I would be calling this girl my best friend and standing beside her on her wedding day??? Actually, I did. I went home that night and said to my mom “I met my new best friend today!!!!” 
And today, I am glad to still call her my best friend! I feel like as the time passes, our friendship grows stronger and stronger! I can’t even describe Kristina in one word. She’s crazy, she’s funny – actually she’s hilarious, she’s beautiful, she’s sarcastic, she’s smart, she’s level headed, she’s a hard worker, she’s a really really great friend, and travel buddy. I’m so glad I decided to go to Dental School, I made a friend & travel buddy for life! 
I couldn’t be more honoured to stand beside Kristina as one of her bridesmaids next weekend. When she asked me in January, I didn’t even have to think about saying yes! I knew I 100% wanted to stand beside her on one of the most important days of her life – when she looks into Cody’s eyes and says “I do”. I know it is such a stressful time, so much planning and organizing to do to make sure the day is exactly what you want it. My advice is to just stay positive. The day is going to be amazing regardless, I mean your marrying your best friend – what could go wrong?! 
I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend with you in the beautiful mountains, with you in your beautiful wedding dress on a beautiful day! Love you Kris, and I hope you start feeling better – no need to stress its going to be absolutely perfect ❤ Sleep, T3’s and Tea will cure that horrible Bronchitis you have! 

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