Livin’ on the Edge

Have you ever done something that was absolutely spontaneous and crazy? Have you ever made a big purchase you didn’t think twice about? Have people ever looked at you like you were completely out of your mind?? Well, last Thursday I decided I wanted to own a 2013 Jeep Wrangler (this “want” was random and out of no where). I test drove the Jeep that Thursday night and knew it was exactly what I wanted – if not more. Tonight, I officially drove my Jeep off the lot at Big 4 and had the keys handed over to me. And let me tell you… 
Cruising down the highway I was thinking how awesome life is right now in this moment. How I have worked my butt off to be able to do something so random and spontaneous. A few people have told me lately that I live on the edge, that I am a go getter, that when I have my mind set on something I just do it. I don’t know if that is good or bad but I love living on the edge and I love keeping myself on my toes. I know this was a huge step in my life, my first loan, my first vehicle that I had no help buying & my first big purchase. 
Darcy & I drove down to McKinnon Flatts tonight to test out the rough terrain. As much as I wanted to drive it across the river, I’m not quite ready to do that. My fingers & toes are crossed that the weather is nice this weekend so we can cruise with the top off! 

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